Dade City Heritage Museum operates city tours , museum tours and Haunting History tours throughout Dade City, Florida.  We've managed to integrate fun, legends, lore, education, and curiosities dedicated to providing the most engaging, interactive touring adventure.

 Catering to small groups, we're known for taking the less traveled paths and walking into the quaint        antiquities of our city.  Our tours fit well with our philosophy of incorporating heritage and educational initiatives with geneological and historical programs.


Haunting History Tour Meets( date to be announced for August) at the historic 1912 train depot in Dade City for an  introduction to the  history mysteries, and curiosities of what is haunted and what is ( ? )  we will then go to  the cemetery and explore those that have gone before and left their messages in the stones. This is an  adult tour, refreshments are provided and reservations are required.  $25.00 per person .

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Private Haunting History tours can be reserved for any age, day or evening.

Cemetery, Churches, Government/Courthouse, City/ Park tours are available by reservation♥